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My Zujava Earnings to date.
Published By Withheld on 2012-08-05 264 Views

I have no problem sharing most of my online earnings with us, as it shows that it is possible to earn money online

Zujava is an online content site, not unlike Squidoo, but is relatively new.  Less than a year old in fact, but Zujava has already received a lot of positive feedback and is earning people money.


You earn money on Zujava in various ways, including through Amazon sales and having a high tier page. This basically means that the high your page is rated on Zujava, the more money you are likely to earn.

Zujava also currently has an eBay module that you can add to your page, and is hoping to monetise that in the near future, so that contributors can earn extra there if they make eBay sales through their pages.


Zujava have a very good forum and the creators of the site are extremely helpful and as well as trying to fix any problems that contributors may come across, they also allow contributors to suggest improvements and additions to the site, and the Zujava team will implement them if possible, and fairly quickly.

One thing that some people who have signed up for Zujava seem to fail to do, is actually publish their pages.   At first, this was a mistake I made as I was unsure how to publish the page. However with a little looking around, I realised that there is a button on the right hand side of the page, located just above author details, which says publish. Don't forget to press this, as you're not going to earn money!


As I am unable to post an actual picture of my earnings on this page. ( Experts  Column really need to look into adding this feature to optimise traffic), I will direct you to a screenshot of my earnings.


My Zujava earnings to date

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